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Originally Posted by GastonUSAChile View Post
Listen Banana, this thread has been posted by one of my inmates (porkandcorn) . I am just adding a comment, to Jimex , which also had contacted me.
You like it or not. But as usual your brain cannot react different, as always attacking with envy.

Keep your comments on the ghost Ferry, one day it will get through. Promise!! In the mean time my solutions are on another part of the world for this community.
I saw your naming yourself and somewhere "ADVGod". I love it , you really have ego problems................
Gaston, why are you such an ass? I was giving you a complement. It wasn't even a back-handed compliment.

Don't worry- I've learned my lesson. As far as I'm concerned, you really are nothing but a trolling spammer, and from now on, every time I see you hawking your business outside of Vendors...

And yes, I am an ADVGOD. 1) I actually ride. 2) I've completed the hat-trick: front page photo, sticky, and hall-of-wisdom. Now shut up and bring me some bacon. Or a beer. I'll be at my house in Camino de Cruces.
I am Charlie.
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