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Originally Posted by moorespeed View Post
I changed the collet groove detail on my valves when I did the first prototypes in 1991. to stop the valve rotating, as any engine builder worth his salt will tell you floating valves are a bad policy, its called evolution hardly any europen or jap engines use them, I had my first test set in a r100rt that did 70miles a day on the motorway they now have over 60000 miles on them and I inspect them every year. my valves are made for me by the same people that make them for cosworth, so you get a better product for less money bacause there is only me and the manufacture, where as when you buy your BMW valve the manufacture makes his profit then BMW AG then the shipping then BMW north America then the dealer, work it out,I could have valves made the same way for a fraction of the cost but why would I want to make an a product that is not as good, plus as soon as you start to use higher spring pressure and more revs the heads just drop off god knows I have seen enough.
Please verify:
  • The first test set of valves referenced in your post was installed in or around '91?
  • The first test set has over 60,000 miles of use to date?
  • What's inspected on the first test set every year?
Thanks, Carl

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