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Good job on your first ride report! I'll jump in with a few more details:

All the times I appear to be sleeping/praying.....I'm consulting the map on my tankbag! I used to spend a LOT of time out in that area (10 years ago when I lived down there and Jeeped around a lot) but I'll admit I don't remember it all that well. I took a lot of time checking the map and calculating distance to make sure we didn't end up in the middle of nowhere short on gas and time. There are a LOT of roads out there that are not on many maps. Most are just one-way jaunts to a stock tank, but some are not.

We were around the Wolf Hole Valley, Jump Canyon, Tweeds Point areas....and of course crossed Main Street Valley numerous times.

The park attendant at Toroweap told us that they had to fly not one but two motorcycle riders out the week before we got there. Apperantly big advernture bikes plus flour-like dirt made for a bad combination for them. I think one was a broken leg and the other a collar bone. Both of them got a helpicopter ride out. I'm happy to say we were just fine.

The crash was.....well....are they ever fun? I'm not sure how fast we were rolling, but I'll guess somewhere between 45 and 65 as we crested the hill. Seeing cattle, I rolled off the throttle immediately. Then when I saw the one on the left next to the fence, I started braking hard. He headed right, I went left, and ALMOST missed him. Unfortunately I punched my right bark buster into its right butt cheek, and then the next few seconds are a blur. I didn't black out, but when everything stopped moving I was pointing back the way I came from and down on my side. I layed there for a minute doing a "system reboot" as The Walrus called it, and slowly moved body parts one at a time to see what wasn't functioning. Frankly, I expected something to be broken. Surprisingly everything functioned properly so I slowly got up. The bark busters were rotated down, but we worked together to get them back into postion and line everything up. Both mirrors had come off, the left actually breaking the head off the stem. Luckily, the right mirror was still intact, and with little effort, it threaded back in the mount. Luggage was all sound, and nothing else appeared damaged so I gave the bike two kicks and it lit up. I think no one was more happy than me that so little dmaage had been done to me and/or the bike. I had some decent bruises on my legs, a tiny ding on the left side of the gas tank, and a small scratch on the back of my helm.....but that was all.
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