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My 1997 had a few issues but it was rode hard but maintained well.

Over 80,000 miles before parting her out.

Blew out rear shock
Starter motor went due to cleaning the bike and not leaning it over to let the puddled water drain from the rubber o-rings of starter motor. It was corroded inside.
One can chain tensioner after replacing a gasket and stripping out the threads for the bolt in the end.
Rear brake caliper bracket broke while I was doing a set of rear brakes.
A few Teflon chain guides.
One speedometer.
I had a chain come off a knock a hole in my case.
Base gasket leaked eventually.

I think that was about it. Considering I rode a lot of high speed wheelies, topped it out often, rode desert, street, toured across the country a few timed, it acquitted itself very well.

Should I get another I could make it last indefinitely. I don't care to go as fast and the wheelie hormone seems to be in check.

Excellent machine.
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