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The next morning I made it to Chicken just in time to miss the pilot car. So, I took the chance to drop the oil in the bike, I figured it needed it. All the people were packing up, closing down the store, and getting ready to move out for the winter. There was this local guy, stumbling around, face all bloody and reeking of alcohol. He apparently had wrecked his ATV the night before and looking for help getting it out of the woods. All the locals just basically stood there and laughed at him.

Chicken seemed like an interesting little place. I didn’t get much of a feel for it since it was after their season ended, so I didn’t deserve a shirt or a sticker. My old man on the other hand, picked up about 3 shirts and two stickers a few days earlier on his way back. I am still not exactly sure what actually happens in Chicken, it didn’t seem like much to me. Although, I did hear about panties shot out of cannons…

Anyways, I tried to get back and make sure I was at the front on the line for when the pace car got there to take us through the gauntlet. I didn’t quite make the front, and after the pace car, or pilot car rather, let us go there were a few people to get around. One chick, AK plates, tried to ride the middle and not let it happen. Apparently people don’t like getting passed by campers pulling trailers but I had a lot of miles to cover, actually more kilometers than miles, before my next spot to ride.

The border crossing was no sweat, the uptight lady crossing guard made sure I wouldn’t terrorize Canadia with deadly bear spray, and I pleaded with her telling her I wouldn’t shoot up the Edmonton Mall with it. I told her how scared I was without it, and she finally said that since it was a wilderness post and not close to the city she would allow me to cross with it but I was not allowed to take it into the city. Heaven forbid.

From there I kept going and going until I hit the Yukon and had to wait for the little ferry. Without much of interest in Dawson City, other than gas, I kept rolling on south. Turned up the tunes and not long after that I was rolling into Whitehorse 532km later. The day before when I was heading out of Fairbanks I tried and tried to find some more dry ice for the 22lbs (10 kg) of fish I had in my cheap styrofoam cooler. I stopped by two supermarkets but they were sold out. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal and I should be able find it in Whitehorse.

But, to my surprise not only bear spray, but dry ice too is illegal in Canadia. Smmmma beeeaaaach! I thought “these panty wasted limp wristed…” But, there was nothing I could do and so I gassed up and kept rolling South. Don’t get me wrong Candians, I love you guys, you are probably some of the nicest and politest people in the world. I just hate stooped laws to try and save ourselves from ourselves. I personally think that Darwin, although not 100% correct in his assertions, definitely had a ton of wisdom in survival of the fittest and that letting the dumb kill themselves off isn’t the worst thing in the world. Either way, what am I going to do with dry ice? Put it in a Coke bottle with some water and scare someone with the loud noise??? Next you are going to tell me they don’t sell The Works toilet bowl cleaner either. But what do I know; I am from Colorado where all the crazies are, apparently.

Anyways, after Whitehorse the turnoff to Skagway wasn’t too far and on the way out of town there was a hitchhiker who needed a ride so I picked him up. He was trying to get to Carcross 70km away. My plan for the next day was to poke around Skagway and I would have to go through there. With two ways in, I wasn’t sure which I should pull over for the night at, the first one or the second a couple miles down the road. But, the hitchhiker was a little odd so I dropped him off at the first one and continued to the second. I would have been cool with it, but I had to burry my Tech-9 back in Montana.

Anyways, I had riding to do the next day and so I found a decent place off the main road and set up for the night.

The next morning I suited and booted and headed out to see what I could see. And honestly, it was pretty amazing.


Really amazing in fact.

And soon, I was to another cheesy picture of a sign.


But, then I remembered I was a complete dumbass because my passport was back in the truck, more than a couple klicks back.
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