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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
I was talking to Jatz the other nite as he rocked up on his new BMW F800GS & he commented how after having the Big & the Ten & other older bikes that needed attention how nice it was to walk out to the shed push the starter button & ride. I started thinking about whether i'd get to that stage with Schmidt. I realised tho that working on them is a major source of enjoyment for now & I'd get pretty sick of just riding every weekend. That may very well change but for now it is ok.
Exactly why I moved from an R80G/S in 2001 to a 2001 F650 Dakar. About my 21st or so motorcycle and first new one, Great decision, that bike took me and my partner all over the South Island High Country and back country for 6 1/2 years, 36,000 km of hard duty (hours of clutch slipping) without missing a beat while keeping the G/S humming required nightly attention, time that could have been used for "après ride" activity (route sheet assembly for a start).

However, changed it for a new 2007 Dakar. What a disaster, ride after ride completely ruined for 3 years, until it was swapped for another new EFI BMW, which I promptly sold and returned to an airhead.

I guess that most of the time, for most people, a new bike ensures dependability and low unplanned maintennace, but I personally don't believe any more!

I didn't want to revert to an "adventure" airhead - that 2001 Dakar was the best bike I ever owned, for exactly the reaons you advance - but at least anthing that goes wrong can be 1) diagnosed and 2) fixed. Look on the bright side of your woes. Air, spark and fuel (or mechanical bits), find what is missing and fix it! Imagine if you had my 2007 Dakar and the fault had first occured after the warranty had expired.

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