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In need of repair
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Airhead Philosophy

New bikes – all the parts are at the beginning of their lifecycle. Unless there is a faulty part (Michael), every thing works as a system. Unfortunately Michael's Dakar seemed to be a system of broken parts....

Airheads are fairly under stressed, & so should go on for a long time if properly maintained. So Padmei’s approach of recondition it, & then leave it to get on with it should work. But that system thing sometimes can catch you out.

I do like looking at the scenery. Excess speed (especially on the road) doesn’t do it for me. More modern bikes just don’t ring my bell much - possibly because I’m too old, slow, & unfit to make the best of them. The KTM probably created some incorrect assumptions about my riding abilities. Imagine what it would have been like if I had gotten the 950.

I have had Boxers for a long time now, so am comfortable with them. I do prefer to ride them.

I really like the comradeship / friendship that Adventure riding has given me. That for me has been a big reward. And worldwide there is a big group of top guys & girls that are similarly into their Airheads

Gus is pretty unique, but he’s just a hobby. I don’t ride him every day, or weekend, or even every month. Gus is a passion - & he shouldn’t become a vice – like gambling or alcohol. So I probably shouldn’t be sneaking in bits, or hiding the Visa bill (like I do…). I probably need to remember that more (& maybe shouldn’t show this admission to Mandy)….

I like spannering on Gus, where what I am doing:

1. Results in an improvement (IMHO);
2. Represents the culmination of a period of ‘figuring out a solution’.

Realistically he is evolving over time. But becoming less & less standard. That may become an issue. I expect to get a long service life from Gus.

Some of the more disposable bikes need money tossed at them earlier in their lives, because it just wouldn’t be economic to do so later.

I hate being in a situation (like recently) where the so called improvements are backward steps, & I dislike (intensely) being in a situation where all I can see is further money to be spent. I have goals for what I am doing & I want to reach them.

If Gus isn’t running well, I’d rather fix it (now) than put up with a fault. But recently I think I’ve given an impression of unreliability, which I hate. Jetting is tweaking..

He’s also old, so geriatric issues will arise from time to time. I need to accept that

I’m probably too impatient to always get the finer cosmetics right.

I have learned a heap working on Boxers

I'd love to have two (working) bikes, but realistically that isn't going to be a happening thing for a bit...
My '91 R100GS thread is here
My Ride photos are here

It's just better when there's twins involved....

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