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Crossing the border was quick and easy. I was so excited when I got there. When I stopped at the booth I threw my hands up and yelled, “I can’t believe I’m here!” The officer kept a straight face probably thinking I was a stupid kid. All he said was “Take your helmet off.”

My hair was everywhere as if I had climbed out of tumbleweed. He asked me a few questions about why I was coming to Canada and how long I was going to be there. I told him I was just passing through on my way to Alaska and he just handed my passport back with a blank face and said, “Welcome to Canada.” Thanks eh!
This makes me laugh every time I cross over (2-3 times per year)--the Canadian officials always seem to be polite and relaxed. They don't seem to mind 20-somethings coming into the country just to vacation and have a good time, etc. The Border Patrol officers on the American side, however, make my life Hell every time. No matter how nice I am, no matter how cooperative, even when I'm freshly shaved with combed hair, wearing a smile, documents in hand, etc... I'm always subject to the most intensive searches and strange questioning. Ha ha. I can't seem to re-enter the country I was born and raised in without extreme suspicion from the powers that be.
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