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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
The twin sensor can sounds like a good idea IF just sitting there in the heat isn't just as hard on them as working in the heat. A friend put two in his and runs them both at the same time (no wasted spark).

The beans can's biggest problem is the mechanical advance? I have worked and been around tons of bean can airheads since they first came out and I almost never see any mechanical advance problems. The problem I see them having is a failed sensor but that is the same sensor in what everybody else is selling so I hear about tons of mechanical advance issues since they have electronic advance. The trouble is I don't see much trouble at all with the mechanical advance. IMO, the easiest probelm to fix is one you made up to start with. How is a electronic advance going to improve starting over a mechanical one? If your bike is set up right, how would you get easier starting? Mine starts the second I hit the starter with a mechanical advance. Sorry but I just don't get it.

If I was running around the world, I would get a can that has a easily replaceable sensor and carry a spare. The biggest trouble will be remembering where you put it 20 years later when you need it.
I don't understand how running two Hall Effect sensors at the same time would result in no wasted spark? It would certainly result in a distorted signal, no matter how accuratly they are mounted it is impossible to get the signals precisely at 180 degrees to each other.

I see lots of mechanical advance problems, particularly on high mileage bikes the wear is a real problem, the bike still runs and starts but in comparsion to a modern electronic advance the power loss is very significant.

"I hear about tons of mechanical advance issues since they have electronic advance". Not sure about this one?

Advantages of a modern electronic advance over mechanical advance, everone who has tried my system has commented on the many advantages, I guess you would have to try them with an open mind to find out. If mechanical advance was so good why have all manufactures abandoned the system?
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