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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Our family has 8 KTM bikes in the garage so we buy enough of those that they already make, don't worry.

We've also adressed the shortcomings of the 690 engine in the other thread but let me recap it for you:

- Close ratio 6-speed was made for supermoto use where it works well (or for a race bike), sucks balls for an adventure bike.
- This makes it vibey and tiring to ride at highway speeds (even with a fairing) if you gear it low enough for off road.
- Spotty reliability track record, I don't know any (except Sherri Jo who babies the bike) that went over 50k without failures (countershaft balancer bearings, rockers, transmission gears, piston rings etc).

Other than that a chassis in that size and with that kind of rally/adventure setup (or original 690 Rally parts) would be ideal for me. The luggage capacity is fine once you upgrade the tank mounting hardware, with the right racks you can even fit hard luggage (which I'm not interested in).

Hey Lukas, even Sherri Jo`s bike grenaded not long after you left. She was lucky to be in Chile where there is a good KTM dealer network when it happened.

I was really interested in a pimped 690R for all the reasons you quote. However like you the reliability issues always worried me. I also know 3 chaps here who have invested in 690R's fitted with the UK made Rally Raid kits, thay all also own 990's. Guess which bike they tend to end up using most of the time. From what I see the 690's get used for rides you could happily do on an EXC, only more tired with the extra weight.

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