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Originally Posted by TylerJRiggs View Post
This makes me laugh every time I cross over (2-3 times per year)--the Canadian officials always seem to be polite and relaxed. They don't seem to mind 20-somethings coming into the country just to vacation and have a good time, etc. The Border Patrol officers on the American side, however, make my life Hell every time. No matter how nice I am, no matter how cooperative, even when I'm freshly shaved with combed hair, wearing a smile, documents in hand, etc... I'm always subject to the most intensive searches and strange questioning. Ha ha. I can't seem to re-enter the country I was born and raised in without extreme suspicion from the powers that be.
Not about being in your 20's. Late 50's and that's my experience also. Like MizzouRider said, it doesn't get any better with age. What's interesting is the Canadian riders I've talked with have said the opposite. U.S. Customs treated them politely, but Canadian Customs was rude when they returned to Canada.
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