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After the football game

After the football game. I came back to my apartment and skyped the folks at home who were all gathered for the football game as usual. It was nice. I felt like I was home for a little while. Skype is wonderful when it works.

Then I walked to Whiskey's Saloon which is just a few hundred feet from my little apartment. They were having a jam session and they have a happy hour Canadians can only dream of.


Whiskey's Happy Hour!!!!!

$5.00 pitchers

We haven't had $5.00 pitchers in Canada since the 1970's

I met the waitress, Dallas

And I hung out with a bunch of other Canadians, from Ontario, who had been in PCB for a month. They were easily identified as Canadians by their use of the!

They even participated in the jam. There were a lot of talented people in the bar. The music was very good and at one point I counted 9 people on stage. For an unrehearsed jam it was excellent.

It was fun!

Then I saw this promotion. Makes me realize there is something very wrong with Canadian beer prices. We pay $42.00 for 24 beer at home at the liquor store and $5 for a beer in a bar. Here they give away a keg at Monday night football and it's all you can drink for $10.00 during Thursday night football, many places have $2 draught and some have $1 draught.

Today it is clear and cool 7C. It's actually warmer back in Shediac. Hurricane Sandy is drawing cold air down here. When it warms up a bit I am headed West to Fora-Bama.
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