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Oct 23 Almost to Copper Canyon

Woke up this morning to get ready to go with frost on the bike.

Planning to head over to Batopilas, a small town within Copper Canyon. Couple of different guys told me the main road to Baopilas is closed for road construction. The alternative to get there is to take some longer routes which I’m led to understand are a bit tougher. This is pretty rough terrain with gravel roads ascending and descending thousands of feet. The main road into Batopilas is about as much as I want to handle with the load I’m carrying and being by myself. Might attempt some of the other roads in the area “next time” with some company and not packing all my possessions on the back of my bike. So, I elected to not go down and headed to Hidlago Parrel instead. Sorry to have missed it.

The first part of the day down Hwy 23 is spectacular. The road actually crosses eastern most part of Copper Canyon for awhile. Copper canyon is massive, covering an area four times that of Grand Canyon so, to be able to ride a small corner is cool and, beautiful.

In this video I have the camera on my hat – I think it captures the scenery quite well. Unfortunately I was riding directly into the sun but the little GoPro compensated pretty well. By the way if you would like to watch these videos full screen, click on the square looking symbol in the lower right corner of the video which will appear once it starts.

Rode into the town of Guachochi in search of some ice cream and discovered there are two more Pemex stations, both with premium. Last time I was through here I gassed up at the station on the edge of town that only has regular thinking that was the only station. Learned my bike won’t die on regular.

Stopped at a little store for a snack. This little guy was obviously the “watch dog” and was feverishly running around all the roofs he had acces to. See dogs running around on roofs frequently down here.

The road from Guachochi to Parrel turned to be much nicer than I remembered. Some twisty bits along with some nice scenery. This whole series of roads from Hermosillo to Parrel turned out to be some outstanding riding with great roads and great scenery.

Wanted to find a place downtown in Hildago del Parral. Man, this is a decent sized city with lots of traffic and I had no idea where to go. Looked for the downtown and finally spotted the steeple of the Cathedral – they do have some use. Stumbled across the Hotel Moreira in which I got a small but nicely redone room for $450p. Secured parking (has a 16 foot high steel gate), decent internet and hot water.

When I spotted the place I immediately started looking for a place to park, saw a guy pull out a space and jumped across two lanes of traffic to grab it. Went and checked in to the hotel and came back to my bike and here is a Municipal Policeman standing there. Uh oh. He points to the sign and says “No parking” . . . did you see the sign? Did you get a ticket yet? Did you see the sign? I was saying “the sign is all rusted and you can’t read it”. And all the while he was yacking at me, he didn’t pull out a ticket book and kind of started to smile so I tried to tell him “the sign says motos can park here”. Since I was parked on a one way street and the street I needed to go to the hotel parking is behind me, I ask him what is the best way to get over to that street so I can get to my parking lot. He kind of looked at me like I had two heads and said “you have a moto – just turn around and go over there” – cool! He actually did wander down the street a ways and held a couple of vehicles so I could get back. Martin – cool cop.
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