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Originally Posted by jerdog53 View Post
[FONT=Calibri]...There is sales out there they are missing out on, everyone who has purchased a 800GS or Tiger XC could have purchased an 800 twin KTM and probably would have had there been an option. ...
"Probably would" is pretty optimistic and probably unrealistic. More likely is they would have taken 990 sales. Based on my observations and taking with owners, people don't buy KTMs mostly because
a) they don't know much about them (still!)
b) what they do know (or think they know) doesn't make them comfortable. Reliability, lack of dealers, maintenance requirements, etc..
c) seat height
d) too "unusual" looking (being generous here).

Anyway it's early in the thread, but I only see about a double handful of people who say they'd buy one of these smaller bikes. And that's at THE adventure bike site in all the world.

BTW-- I'd probably buy one as I'm 65 and a lighter weight adventure travelling bike is really appealing. But I just don't see a substantial weight savings in the cards (compared to an SE) without sacrificing ruggedness or a reasonable cost.

BTW2- Highland's new business model purports to give you all you're asking for: the ability to build the exact bike you want. So you have a choice-- whine or buy
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