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Originally Posted by turnitonagain View Post
I'm not a very good mechanic, or am comfortable doing maintenance on my bike. Unfortunately, I don't have that skill, I enjoy to ride the machine! My journey will take me through some remote stretches of Canada, and I want to make sure that the machine I chose is not only capable, but reliable to get me, my passenger, and gear across and back without being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Many people are giving me mixed messages about the 990 ADV, saying "It's not a good bike for the journey 2-UP Especially!" "Parts, are difficult to find" "Maintenance, is tough to perform on these especailly on the road, AND not just anybody can work on KTM's" "You need to baby it, because its such a HI-PO machine, you can't ride it the way you ride any other bike"

With all of these things being said, I'm not sure what to make of the KTM? I love and respect what it can do, but are all of these said things true? Is it the right machine for my XC journey 2-up. Is it 100% dirt biased? That's why I pose these questions to the KTM OWNERS and RIDERS to help me figure out if this machine is the weapon of choice for my battle.

IMHO if you need to ask you have already answered the question. There are may bikes to chose from and you are unlikely to get responses in this forum that will chase you away from the KTM. When it comes down to it and you really want the 990 (Who doesn't its a great bike) buy it and learn along the way or plan your trip with planned stops at KTM dealers along the way. It is also true that you can't ride it like other bikes but so much harder, the normal putt through the woods or highway would drive most KTM owners insane with the burning need to destroy the rear tire. Plenty of folks have ridden these bikes RTW passing some of the most hostile environments in the world. Just make sure you buy the bike that makes you comfortable and speaks to you when you get on the saddle. Yamaha Super Tenere for instance has scheduled maintenance for valve adjustments in the 26K mile range and shaft drive so you don't have to worry about the chain (everything has a minus shafts too). all in all get what calls to you everything else will be the journey.

Good Luck!
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