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I've ridden my 2007 990 2 up quite a bit. It works. Is it comfortable 2 up for long days? Not really IMO. But my feeling is that 2 up on a bike kinda sucks no matter what.

Before I took off on a 50,000 mile 2 year journey, I had "experts" telling me that it was not the right bike, it would break down all the time and I would be sorry that I ever bought it.

I had already ridden the bike about 10,000 miles, mostly off pavement and off road. I loved the bike so I took it anyway and my real life experience couldnt have been further from the advice of the "expert" peanut gallery, mostly guys that adventure ride to Starbucks on a GS.

I was prepared for the known issues: Water pump, fuel filters, clutch slave, some various electrical parts that need to be cleaned occasionally, etc. I was familiar with the bike, its issues and prepared to do all my own work.

Every bike has issues. The biggest PITA on the KTM is doing the water pump change when you dont have a nice work space. But, using a CJ Designs water pump shaft will considerably lengthen the change interval. I always carried a WP kit and fuel filter kit in the glove box. I tended to go through rear brakes pretty fast in the mountians so I carried a spare set when I could find them. There are brakes for a Honda, cant remember what model, but with a little grinding they would fit the rear of the 990. Chains of course need to be changed and the 525 is not always easy to find depending on what part of the world you are in. But, chain life is pretty long, so you can prepare and plan when you will need one, and change it before it gets too far gone. Plan, prepare, adapt, improvise. Always best done in that order.

I looked over the bike and the end of each day. Touched every fastener I could get to, daily. That only takes a bit of time and gives you the opportunity to really look over the bike and catch things that might be going wrong. I changed oil and air filters as often as I could. I changed wheel bearing and steering stem bearings before they became an issue, bled brakes, etc, etc. Never had any issue that I was not expecting, or an issue not caused myself by unnecessarily thrashing the shit out of the bike or crashing into stuff.

IMO its a very solid bike for extended world travel. I was very happy with the bike.

Whatever you throw at it, or crash into, this bike can handle it.

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