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Hi, this is Colleen, posting on Chris’ account.

First, a little bit about Robert’s health. He does not actually have lung cancer. That was my error that Chris reported to you. He has liver cancer. The large tumor affecting his lungs is metastasized liver cancer. He has had radiation treatments to shrink the tumors, and this has made it easier for him to breathe and talk. Presumably the treatments have also reduced the pain somewhat. However, the disease is too advanced to hope for a cure. (I have been staring at that last sentence for long enough for my coffee to get cold, and I hate it. As if I could think of a better way to phrase it, so that it would no longer be true. But no. Fuck.)

I read these massages to Robert on Saturday around lunchtime. His sister was there to hear them too. He smiled at each familiar screen name, usually saying where you live and your real name too. Sometimes he added a little story. When it was someone he didn’t know (or maybe didn’t remember at the moment; don’t forget that he’s on a lot of pain meds), he said “ah, a secret admirer”. That’s you WeazyBuddah, and you’re right. He’s a good person.

Osmoses’ “fuck cancer” got a cackle, with more laughs each time someone repeated that sentiment.

Johnnycash, extra smiles when he heard your name.

Walkingbear, Robert said you’re a sweet guy (that’s the condensed version). It must be true.

Hardwaregrrl… “oh, she’s great, you’d love her.” Then he went on about how strong and smart and awesome you are. Fight dirty… oh yes, you’ve got Robert’s number.

Renner and Benthic, he clearly feels the same about you – like old friends.

Wirespokes, you may not have got him back on the bike, but you did conjure up the big grin.

Spo123 – there is still a glint in his eye!

Elmontanero, the thoughts and vibes are most appreciated.

Houseoffubar, thank you for the lovely ego stroke.

RobFarmer, you got an extra smile.

Zenduddist, peace and comfort are exactly what is needed (that and an ego stroke!).


I had to leave Saturday afternoon, so was only able to read the messages through the middle of page six. However, Robert’s wife has the link, so he may have heard the rest by now, and he can still hear more. Keep them coming! Tell a little story if you have one. These posts made him smile. I enjoyed reading them to him. Thank all of you. And Robert, if someone has read this to you, I hope you think I got it right. I love you.
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