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Originally Posted by xcflyn View Post
Could they do it - YES. Will they do it-- hummm ????
Many people will buy a 990 and add this and that-want more power,awd, bigger fuel capacity, yet still want a lighter bike. I still think a problem with this whole thing is trying to satisfy the mass's.
Yes but adding "this and that" to a bike that is 20kg lighter than the current LC8, still results in a bike that is 20kg lighter than that same LC8 with "this and that".

No bike will be perfect, but that will not keep people from buying the bike. Look at how much 9x0's are modified (fuel tank, wind screen, seat, protection,...) but still the 9x0 is not unsuccessful in sales.

So no I don' t want the perfect bike from KTM. I want the perfect platform from KTM [or other brand] of which I can make the perfect bike for me, and of which you can make the perfect bike for you, etc.

Perfect platform:
- 690 frame (maybe just a little bit stronger, if needed)
- reliable 700-800cc twin that puts out 80-90 hp
- lightweight, maybe SOHC as some are suggesting
- no issues like water pump, fuel pump, weak clutch slave, engine mounted side stand
- easy maintenance
- low COG
- single exhaust

Modularity in:
- multiple fuel tank sizes
- multiple wheel sizes
- ...

Et voila we are back at the 7-in-1-bike concept. Not the perfect bike for me, but I will make out of this (perfect) platform the perfect bike for me.

If they just develop 1 bike and sell it as 1 non-modular bike, the concept will financially drown. That bike will only appeal to a very small market segment and within this market segment it will not be perfect enough for most.
If they develop a good platform from wich more types of bikes can be made, that platform will appeal a wider market segment and with the modular design can be made perfect for most people.

BTW: KTM said that they wanted to go more modular, starting with the 1190 and maybe going to a lighter V-twin a the further future.
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