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You would be paying top dollar for low miles. This doesn't imply that the bike is problem free but, to me anyhow, this would come with the expectation that the machine is cosmetically very clean; no fairing cracks, tank dings, seat cowling edge chips, that sort of shit. Any bike that old will need mechanical work and possibly electrical work. We know these machines can be maintained for 100s of thousands of miles. What low miles implies is that the machine is less physically marred by use. You would have something that was aesthetically closer to original. Others will argue against such a purchase and point out some example of a cheaper bike on ebay or craigslist or the small town classifieds in Albania. This would not be the bike for them to purchase. Personally, once I decide on the model/year/options for this sort of purchase, I am willing to pay a premium for both low miles and a forthright knowledgeable seller. Over the long time that I like own my bikes, I rarely find myself getting all worked up about original purchase price but I do appreciate maintaining a nice original example. I don't find motorcycles to be rational purchases. This is definitely not the way everyone feels and I offer it up only as perspective worth considering.
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