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Originally Posted by Katoom119 View Post
Maintenance wise you just have to be aware of what can happen, like Crashmaster said. Yes this is a high performance machine and yes you have to take care of it, but it's sort of like the difference between a Ford and a Ferrari. Both are reliable, both require work. With a Japanese brand bike you can get away with a bit more in my experience. Go further between oil changes before it starts shifting poorly, run the air filter dirtier, things like that. The KTM, being built more as a race ready bike, doesn't allow as much leeway. You can still beat on it, yes, but if you run it like a Jap bike you'll see a slight decrease in performance. Again, personal experience, and no one ever said I knew what I was talking about.

I totally agree with that, but no one ever said that I knew what I was talking about either.

Just like Katoom119 recommended, get out, look at, and if all possible ride each bike you are considering. I know that's easier said than done, but at least try to. Buy the bike that you really like, one that gets your heart racing, and for that, a test ride is key. Any bike can be taken around the world, but its much more fun on a bike that you love to ride, no matter what bike that may be. Some ride old Trail 90's, small thumpers, Gold Wings, Harley's, Katooms, GS's etc and despite the advantages and disadvantages to each, if you love the bike and it makes you happy, nothing else really matters.
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