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Forgot this story some how/... My bad

I totally forgot, today while riding in the rain toward Montevideo I remembered a funny story..
The other morning when I was leaving my camp spot headed for Colonia I came up onto a stop light and stopped behind a scooter. My head was down reading my map trying to figure out best way to get out of town when I saw off to my right all of the cars starting to move so I let off the clutch and started moving forward... Wack.. fuck.. Hahaha I ran into the back of the scooter, (barely tapped it) But enough to piss the lady off, She through her hands up and then sat in the turning lane (thats why she wasn't moving she was turning without a blinker.. sweet.. (still my fault should of been paying better attention) Well when she turned I noticed why she was pissed she had a 3 year old on her lap with no helmet.. gotta be kidding me.. I went to turn as well to talk with her but when she didn't make any indications that she was go to pull over I gave it gas straight ahead and went on my way.... hahahahaha
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