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OK so I made some good progress on the bike. I rode about 75 miles last weekend and the bike ran TERRIBLE. Bogging, wouldn't idle, gas vapor pouring out of the exhaust. Generally unrideable.

So I got the LM2 AFR meter, a Dynojet kit with adjustable needles and hooked it all up. When I went to take the carbs off for the 6547th time, I noticed the clamps were loose. Dammit.

I took the carbs off, replaced the parts with the parts from the Dynojet kit and set the adjustments to their recommended specs. Reinstalled the carbs and fired it up. Ran OK, wouldn't idle and somehow I unscrewed the idle adjuster. Carbs off again, reinstalled idle adjust, fired up right away and I took this video.

I have not road tested it, that's next. I plan to ride it with the meter strapped to the bars to see if I can sense what's wrong as well as datalog to get some history. I can tell you that it feels much stronger, revs very quickly. Obviously things are different on the road under load but so far I think I am def on the right track.

The dynojet kit recommends the fuel screws out 1/2 turn. Which is much less than factory. I had them out 2 turns last weekend which is why I was running so rich.

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