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so thats the story. this season is finis. over. stick a fork in it it's done.

so with todays hurricane sent home from work (the scott's play golf in worse than this) and putzing around face book, yet another kid in a hospital bed. concussion, from yesterdays race no less. this sport is no joke and it pisses me off to no end when I see the attention prestige and pedestals these jackoffs in the NBA and NFL have bestowed and are placed on. World Peace?

Big Asshole more like it.

So in the last month probably got about 2000 freaking pictures to tweak, ponder, stare at, trying to figure out what it all means, but I already know the answer.

other people have boats floated by other things. mine is floated by motocross. it works for me and I can't even do it anymore and probably never could, though I sure wish I'd have ridden the 125 class back in the 70's. did I ever tell the story about the time I had the hole shot on a TM 125 and all these guys on RM's were....

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