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Originally Posted by knybanjo View Post
Don't forget to do an oil change real soon!
(before 500 miles, twice within 500 won't hurt)

Breaking in a 'new' motor will create some metal shavings, it's normal need to get those out ASAP.

Thank you so much knybanjo for saving me from a heart attack, or worse, total depression!
I put almost 300 miles on Spirit after the surgery, and decided because you mentioned the early oil change, to go and change her oil.
Now if you hadn't warned me about some possible junk in there I would have freaked!
There were some metal shavings in it, but very few, what was in it was hard to describe.....
It looked like black lint mixed with some very fine sand. Lots of it! absolutely gross and globby.
After I started cleaning the filter, I have a stainless steel one, it dawned on me what I was removing was very much like lint. Shop towel lint! I used shop towels to wipe parts clean, and also carburetor fluid if the was no rubber on parts. before I oiled everything and put it in a ziplock bag. With all those little parts and big ones, I am guessing quite a bit of lint was left all together. The fine sand I take it might have been fine dust, not visible to the eye, but yet on parts that I did not put in ziplock bags. No matter how clean I and thorough I thought I had been, it shows that it is near impossible unless you are in a dust and dirt free room.Thanks again. I will change the oil in another 300 miles or so, and hopefully it will be real clean by then.
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