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Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
Fey, now we really should meet up and you can teach me! I am still scared shitless about rough terrain!
Don't get me wrong, I am still scared shitless. Also slow. Very slow. I didn't get past 15mph for longer than 10 minutes the whole day. I do way better when I'm on a real road, even if it's unpaved.

The best thing for me has been stuff like this. Getting in over my head and having experienced people around to bail my ass out if it gets bad. I learn best when not learning isn't an option.

I'd still like to do some clinic-type exercises, get a lot better at standing, especially uphill and downhill, and get better at sharp turns. So much to learn.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try the north pass into saline valley by myself, stay there for a few days, then back to Lone Pine to climb Whitney with my friends on Saturday. Saline Valley Road from the north is 54 miles of incredibly remote, occasionally sandy "high clearance recommended" road, but we'll see. :) I can always turn back if it gets too shitty.

It is exceedingly unlikely it'll be as bad as what I've gone through the past few days, so that's a solace. I'll be fully loaded in sand though, which is... less comforting.

I guess you'll all just have to wait and see how I do!
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