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Costa Rica to Panama

I took to coastal road in Costa Rica headed for David, Panama, but got a little tired and decided to stay in a border town called Ciudad Neily, Costa Rica. Border crossings seem to drain my patience…so I decided to get a good night sleep, and deal with the usual border madness in the morning. Arrived at the Costa Rica/Panama border at 9:30 AM, and did the usual passport/customs stuff, and by 11:30 AM I was on my way into Panama. I was happy to be out of the border and riding on some good quality roads, I decided to push my speed to 90 mph. I was not into Panama for 5 minutes, and I was pulled over by a cop for speeding. I did not get a ticket, but I got a Spanish verbal warning. Note to anyone traveling through Panama, the police use radar, and the cops are everywhere. I arrived in David, Panama about an hour later, and found a hotel. I did not see too much of David, but I am sure it is a nice place. I got an early start the next day and headed to Panama City, which was about 6 hours away. On my ride, 5 BMW GS’s blew by me in the blink of an eye. Later down the road I saw them refueling at a gas station, I honked and kept it moving. About 30 minutes later, the BMW’s passed me, and we decided to stop and talk. We did the standard introductions, and they were on their way to Panama City (where they live). They asked if I would join them for lunch, I accepted, and we all headed to this great restaurant about 1.5 hours outside of Panama City. The had great food and a rodeo going on in the back…who knew? The BMW Club of Panama was very kind and gracious to offer me 1.5 hour, 100 mph BMW GS escort to my hotel (thanks guys & lady). We exchanged numbers, and they offered some great advice about the city…I will stay in contact for sure. The next morning, I need to get some small issues sorted with my bike. As luck would have it, I saw a VSTROM outside my hotel and quickly found the owner and inquired about the nearest Suzuki dealership. He then told me he knew a mechanic, and escorted me to his place of business. Antonio (the mechanic) was great…he sorted out all of my small issues (new chain/sprocket install, horn install, oil change, and front suspension bolts install). I guess those bolts came off somewhere along the way…go figure. During my visit to the mechanic, I ran into some motorcycle travelers that were waiting on the cargo ship leaving for Columbia on 1 NOV 2012. I had a great time conversing with them, and telling stories of our travels. I am still debating making the boat trip to Columbia…$850 bucks…I will need time to let that cost sink in my brain. The next item on my list of to find a room or small place to rent for the next 6 months in Panama City. I really love this city, it is good to be back.

Coastal views of Costa Rica

Me and the BMW Moto Club of Panama

Image of backside of restaurant

Live rodeo action...I bet you thought I was kidding!

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