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Originally Posted by toddler View Post
I heard you were butt naked with a body paint scheme like superman and on acid, behaving like a crazy man. Jimmy, who lives under the bridge, told me this. It must be true.
It's like you were right there when it happened!

Originally Posted by Wannabeeuro View Post
So that's where my socks went that were drying on the trailer, to the big puppet stage in the desert.

Tony, do you think a pressure suit or roost guard could have helped at all? The offer to help with moving still stands, I need a reason to ride over there more anyway.
No, I think it was the blow to my hand/arm that caused all the damage, not a direct blow to my shoulder.

Originally Posted by Genghis Swan View Post
Tony, I just saw this, I'm so sorry.
Hey Rob! Thanks, something you have to expect in this sport, me thinks.

Originally Posted by azcagiva View Post
That would be awesome hope to see you there.


Originally Posted by neduro View Post
Fo rizz

Originally Posted by enduro-ince View Post
You should of said three wheeler, no helmet (But a thick cotton bandana, you're not that stoopid), half a warm bud light in hand, snot nosed kid hanging on for dear life in the basket, wife beater, flip flops, doing doughnies in the parking lot of gemini bridges, where there were a lot of people watching.

That or that a mtn biker clothes lined you on Sovereign.
It's like you were right there when it happened!

Originally Posted by woodzrider View Post
Hope for you a quick recovery!
Thanks! Cheers
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