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Pictures, pictures, pictures, and proof

I'd like to know the specifics on this build. Power wheelies at will? 135 mph? From a street airhead motor? I owned a Ducati Multistrada which put out an honest 85 hp at the wheel and I could only see an honest GPS verified 135 mph in perfect conditions, as in a long slight downhill with no head wind and it took everything for that motor to go a real 135. I'd bump up against 140 but very rarely. And I weigh 155 lbs. I owned a 916 that would lift the front wheel when I powered shifted into second. But an airhead is far from a Ducati 916.

I've owned some powerful airheads and might see an honest 120-125. The difference in pushing a bike from 120 to 135 is huge requiring exponentially more h.p.

Find someone you'll loan you a GoPro. Post some pictures.

But Supershaft, I'm calling bullshit until there's proof.
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