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Originally Posted by ScottDill View Post
This thread seems to be an SEC only thread more and more every day. This is a global forum dedicated to adventure riding....this only further supports my theory that fans of SEC schools just care more...

So Who do have here:

NativeSon - Florida
Jurgen - Tulane (regrets leaving bitter )
ScottDill - Florida
shrineclown - ?????
wisenhyzer - Georgia
Bubwheat - Alabama?
Linzi - Florida (+Tennessee)
liquidsmile - Georgia
The Commander - Tennessee
Albie - ?
berbermeister - ?
k7 - Auburn
docwells - Florida
bobobob - Alabama?

Damn boys....The rest of the country needs to get involved.

We've had brief appearances by Nebraska fans, t-sips, and an Aggie or two. I don't recall any PAC10 school fans. Albie cheers for la Ohio State.

Glad to have h2osnow in the "other" category.
They're nihilists, Donny, nothing to be afraid of.

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I'm sorry your dog died before you got to beat it with a dead chicken.

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