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I have had the same experience bgsoil with r80's with 1000cc cylinders on them! The main difference with my story is that I am running a 33/11 FD with a close ratio tranny. Big diff in first gear gearing!

BT, I had two friends back home with the same hotrod tricks done to their early '90's SS's. They were pulling around 88hp on their dyno. They hauled ass. They would power wheelie through first gear EVERY time you were hard into it and they have real tall first gears too. They would power wheelie through second half the time. I have ridden the new retro Ducati's that are suppose to have 85hp stock. I don't think they do and I know their midrange suffers big time for what little more they got on top over the older 900's. We'll see but I think my airhead will now out pull one.

My bike power wheelieing at will? It has done it ONCE! But I am tickled pink at that with my gearing. 135mph? I have never revved it up in top gear but if it will pull 8k rpm in top gear and I think it will and if pj's top speed/gearing chart is right, I think it will. It would easily rev to 8k rpm in fourth BEFORE I did a bunch more mods to it. According to my speedo that I know reads a little high and pj's chart, that's a 120 something mph right there. It will pull 8k in fourth now NO problem! Like I have said before, according to pj's chart, speed gun displays, and tickets I get, I don't think my speedo is that far off. I use to do machine and fab work on and help with a race airhead that would pull right around 155mph at Daytona lap after lap. Those are the ports I conservatively mimick when I did some port work on my bike this last rebuild. I think it helps!

Proof? That cracks me up bt. What can a photo prove? Just about nothing in my book. Same with dyno charts. We could race! I do think I am going to out run your Multistrada IF it is stock.
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