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Well, up next was supposed to be the Lead Belt National Enduro, but allow me to divert for a moment. The summer was a break between spring races and fall races in the Blackjack Circuit. Idle hands and bikes are evil and whatnot, so when August came around, I decided to stir up some trouble. I had the (mis)fortune of getting to participate in the first ever adventure bike class at an indoor endurocross event.

The club putting on the event had a last minute conflict over using the term "endurocross" due to copyright issues or something. We tried to convince them to name it the Stillwater Indoor Super Enduro Extravaganza... SISEE. They didn't bite.

Yes, I did it on my KLR, but I wasn't the only one. Two brave souls participated with me- RedDirtJoe (XT225) and Crash217 (red KLR in touring trim).

Not a lot of pics of many of the races. I was one of several ADV spectators last year and took numerous pics if you want to see how the facility and course are arranged.

This year, they really improved on the look and feel of the course. It was clear that they knew what they were doing. I'm amazed that they transformed the arena from flat dirt to this in 6 hours.

Unfortunately, the pond obstacle wasn't to be, but at least they made a bit of mud.

The forest was a cool effect.

There was a grouchy troll living under the tires.

For reference, here is what real offroad bikes look like on the course:

Joe and Crash both rode in the Trials class. Crash also rode in the Veterans class on a YZ125. All three of us rode in the Adventure class. Fortunately, I had the energy reserves to ride a single class, while the other guys were sufficiently whipped and beaten.

And here is the slow race.
Items to note while watching: crowd silence, battle of tweetys, Joe loses his cowling, we all crash in the same spot, skid plate contacts increase with each lap, multiple bike stalls.

My drop in the rock garden looks particularly painful in retrospect. After one lap, the forearms, wrists, and hands are basically toasted. Throttle control gets way sloppy.

We all managed to get trophies. Crash won the Veterans class. Joe won the Trials class (and 2nd in ADV class). I won the ADV class.

Fun was certainly had by all.

Sorry for the diversion.
Up next... Lead Belt National Enduro
For real this time.
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