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Originally Posted by arjones View Post
Man, I have as much fun with ride reports and (mostly) photograph on ADV forum than with the technical stuff (although they are very helpful, of course). And your ride reports are just classic! Inspiring pics, great approach with the words... Just great. I must thank you for sharing and say that your photograph work make me wonder if I could express all the marvel of motorcycle adventure with as much honesty as you do on this site. It's an incredible contribution to keep inmates interested in this website. I must say as well I only think in going to USA when I think of surfing in California during fall time (to much hassle to get a visa). But motorcycle adventure start to get me thinking of going there some day too. This could be interesting: riding some of this awesome places I've been seeing on your ride reports and ride some waves at the end of the trip!

Anyways, congratulations, thank you and keep the mirrors up. Cheers,


P.S.: since it seems you like good photographs, I think you would like to check this out . This guy shoots some great photos as well.
Oh yes. I already spotted that RR, but thanks for the heads up. His style reminds me I need to take the time to shoot scenes with me riding through it. I've done this a little with the in-camera intervolometer, but when putting down so many miles, it's hard to set the camera up for multiple passes. I hope you get the chance to visit someday.

Originally Posted by coug66 View Post
I love the Aprilia Futura! Yours is my favorite color. Awesome pictures of the bike!

Those roads, the colors, amazing.

I never understood why that bike wasn't more popular, perhaps it was becasue not enough people got to ride them?

you'll have that bike broken in pretty soon. 30, 40K more miles and should hit its sweet spot.

Hi Ian. I think the bike is even getting close to its first valve inspection. I hope she remains such a fun and reliable bike. IMO, there hasn't been a better SPORT-tourer made since. Thanks!

Originally Posted by DurtKlod View Post
Thanks Dave. That was great. I never knew that bend in the Colorado was so close to the road.
Hi DK. Horseshoe Bend is only a few miles south of Page. The turnoff and dirt parking lot is marked. There was a hike over a hill in mostly sand. The sign said the hike was 1/4 mile, but I swear it was closer to 1/2 miles each way. It is an impressive and HUGE view. I was only able to capture it with an 8mm Fisheye lens. I tried a 16 mm lens held vertically and stitched into a pano and still couldn't get it all in well.

I converted this fisheye shot into a B&W with PicMonkey

The 16mm Stitched
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