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That's the first I've heard of that recall. And I've got three 77s - an S and two RSs. The trannys work just fine - and have no idea if they had been worked on before or not. Since the S has 140K on the clock, I'd imagine so!

The 77RS is one of the more desirable and collectable of the 70s airheads.

A few years back before the economy went tits up, the 77RSs commanded much higher price tags, but a lot of things are that way. They're starting to go back up from what I've seen, though some are going fairly cheap as well. I could have gotten a nice higher mileage example for $2500 a few months ago. But that was a real deal! And it had the original striped wheels.

To be worth the asking price, this bike should have the original pin striped wire wheels. They're scarce and worth more than the Lesters. Perfect Lesters can bring four to five hundred bucks. The pinstriped 77 wheels are more like $500 to $750.

The other thing to consider is the exhaust system. Some of the 77s had to conform to new smog regulations at that time - so the bikes sold in California, Florida and Oregon had to have 38mm exhaust systems, not the 40mm that the rest of the 77RSs had. To designate this fact, the letters CFO were stamped in front of the engine number by the dipstick. CFO bikes aren't as desirable as the 40mm.

As for rideability - no reason at all it couldn't cross the continent and back if it's in decent condition. I got one of mine in Virginia, flew out and rode it home. Ah, the good old days!
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