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I was just looking at this thread on Thursday trying to decide if I should put a bid on a complete 350 and a basket case 250...

And here they are when I picked them up.

The 350's tank had blown apart when the owner tried to put some compressed air in it along with some other chemicals to clean some black sludge in the tank, I had the carbs apart to clean the same black sludge from them and i had to put the 350 engine in the 250 frame because the 350 was missing its compliance plate and had a pretty major crack where the right foot peg bolted on.

Just got upstairs after starting it for the first time, and I am surprised how quite the engine is after hearing a LC4 for so long.

still only just started on it, and I also have a 525 to finish and my 640 has a heap of parts on the way so I'll be stuffing around with it in between those two.

A KDX is way cooler than what ever you ride...
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