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I wouldn't say that the maintenance is too terrible. There is just a lot of stuff in the way, and it's a little intense, as far as the number of steps that have to be completed.

This is my second bike to a Victory Vision, compared to the KTM the Vision is virtually maintenance free, an oil change on the Vision takes 15 minuets, its a drain plug, filter, and fill. The oil change on the KTM takes 1.5 hours, you have to pull off the crash bars, or at least the left one, the bash plate, left upper fairing, left tank, then its two plugs, two screens, a filter. Reassemble, fill, let run, top off. Not hard, just takes time. I did install a hose to make the oil changes a lot easier next time, the only problem is I am do to check the valves on the next oil change.

I find the bike is a little finicky at times, there is a flat spot in the throttle around 2500 rpm, min a 10 and stock, its jumpy so keep your throttle inputs in check, but damn is it fun. I kind of wish I went for something with a shaft drive, but I'll live.

I haven't found a comfortable saddle for it yet, but maybe one day.
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