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Day 10 Izmit to Cide, Turkey

The trip really slowed its pace today, speeds dropped from 80mph on mainly motorways to 50 - 60 mph on the 010 which is the Black sea coast road. I was really starting to enjoy the trip, the beautiful scenery, seeing the locals drying their fields of olives or tending the countless number of bee hives. To a man they waved at us if they saw us coming.

We had just come off a single track road and onto a nice fast sweeping dual carriage way, still only sitting at 50 - 60 mph enjoying life.

The road was amazing. We had been on long motorways for almost a week and the predictable sweeping roads from Kaynarca to Akcakoca on the Black sea coast of Turkey were a fantastic change of pace. It was a dual carriageway but really nice radius bends with a good surface. We switched from one bend to the other seamlessly. Al was out front about 200 metres ahead, he disappeared over a crest of a hill in a quick left hander and I saw no brake lights so I took it as my queue to accelerate. I crested the brow of the hill to be met with about 2 football pitches worth of shiny, black, hot liquid tar. I screamed inside my helmet, this was going to hurt!
I just caught sight of Al, legs stuck out to the side skidding left and right ahead of me. I stood the bike up as much as I could and can remember thinking "donít panic, keep off the brakes, donít turn and stop screaming". I was heading towards the central reservation at pace; there was no way I was getting away with this one.

I had completely come off the throttle but I felt like I was not slowing at all. There was a shallow ditch running inbetween the 2 carriageways so I decided to leave the road and try and turn into the ditch. I must have slowed more than I thought as I hit the ditch, either that or the suspension on the F8 is much better than I think because it hopped nicely into the ditch and did not throw me off in the process. I had about 50 metres of dirt to negotiate before I popped out of the bottom of the tar slick. So after bringing the bike to a stop I nervously turned the ABS off and slowly rode out of the ditch.

Al had not even stopped, he is usually of the opinion if you have a near miss just slow it down a bit but keep going so as not to dwell on it. I had to stop for a few seconds just to draw breath and look to the sky to thank whoever was looking after me that day.

I can tell how much it shook me up as I did not take one photo of the tar, and I take photos of everything usually.

We continued along the 010 and as we passed through Eregli we noticed a tyre shop so we stopped to see if we could get Al's tyres done. Of course they said they could change them and before we knew it the tyres were off. I had a wander off to try and find us some food.

As I stood in a bakers/coffee shop a bloke came over, tapped me on the shoulder and said "its OK", whilst pointing to a big bag of buns. "You come with me". Being very British in my ways I was a little bit suspicious but got in his car as everyone in here knows we are always looking for interaction with the local population.

I then realised it was one of the mechanics from the garage and that he had bought lunch for me and Al as well as the rest of the guys in the garage. We sat for half an hour eating bread and drinking Turkish tea and although we speak no Turkish and they spoke no English we had a great chat about the trip and their town. I absolutely love this country.

We thanked them for their hospitality and left to continue riding NE. We did not get into 5th gear all afternoon. We took our time absorbing the scenery and enjoying being on a bike in an incredible country.

We did come across what looked like a refugee camp, no idea what it was all about but it was not the type of place I wanted to be hanging about.

During one of the fuel stops we came across an amazing fruit stall, I have never seen a stall with quite as much colour going on as this one.

All trip we had been looking forward to camping on a beach on the black sea coast but that was proving quite difficult to achieve. Nowhere seemed quite right so in the end we drove 20 minutes into the hills around Cide and found a quarry that seemed quite promising. The track up was really steep but my confidence was high and I just blasted up it with no problems at all. There was a nice flat piece of ground up at the top of the quarry.

Another successful end to an enjoyable day.
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