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Originally Posted by rununtilempty View Post
. . . and WHY are we trying to build an even heavier 690? Mine has an FMF system and with that alone makes nearly 70 hp . . . KTM makes hop-up kits which, when used in conjunction with each other, produce 80 or more. .
Because we are not only talking about a hp increase. That is probably the smallest piece of the puzzle. We are talking about a more road worthy bike able to carry two people and supplies for adventure riding. Also a reliable bike. Wind protection. Smoother engine at hwy speed, etc.

Perhaps they could start with the 690 platform, throw in a twin, as you mention, beef up the frame and subframe as needed, change the gas tank layout to get the capacity up, update the plastics to get wind protection, update the suspension and brakes for the extra weight, etc. ....but by then, why not just start with a clean sheet so you are not constrained by trying to adapt a platform that was designed for a different use?

Then again, I might be able to live with a 690 if they came out with an Adventure version with really widended transmission ratios (to give us a granny 1st and still a low rpm hwy gearing all at once), strong subframe for passenger/gear, expanded gas tank, made it reliable, etc.
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