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Originally Posted by MrBob View Post
I want to run my heated grips and GPS charger from switched circuits on my Concours and I don't want a bunch of wires connected to the battery.
So, if I understand this correctly, I can run a wire to a relay from the battery, and then to whatever fuse box I use, and then connect my accessories to the fused circuits.
Do I have that correct?
I know what relays do but I've never understood how to choose which relay capacity is appropriate and which terminals to use.
A little tutoring would be appreciated.
I'm not an electrician but have wired a crap ton of stuff, just a disclaimer

A relay would switch on the fuseblock, to which it sounds like you are wiring all your accessories. Things like heated grips are obviously good to have on a circuit where when you turn off the bike and the grips go off.

The GPS you might want to rethink. It draws almost nothing for power. especially on a touring bike like yours. I had my Garmin on a switched outlet and it would shut off when I got gas, at a restaurant if I didn't choose the internal battery. Really just an annoyance, but I made the GPS circuit always live. You obviously need to turn it off when the bike is parked for an extended period however.

So back to your relay. A standard 30A relay will be plenty. Here's a wiring diagram. The 85 would be connected to a switched accessory like a headlight, taillight etc. Something that gets 12V when you turn your key on. This circuit is energized when you turn the key on and connects the contacts in the relay, completing the 30-87 circuit so now your fuse block has power and your grip heaters work. The 12V "trigger" is only energizing a tiny circuit so it doesn't need to be a robust lead.

Make sure that you put an inline fuse right after your battery connection on the "30" circuit to protect the wiring. Many Blue Seas fuse blocks also have a main fuse as well.
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