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@bomber60015 and @SkiBumBrian - I will check getting gas to the cylinder and I will also open the carb bowl drain to confirm fuel comes out.

@bajadog - No, I haven't taken valve clearance baseline measurements. Is there a resource of what they should be set at?

@itsatdm - That is interesting that the bike raises an exhaust valve a bit to aid starting. Good info. Will check valve clearances, hopefully valves are not the issue! One question - please see ; what is this? It seems I need to remove this to remove the valve cover plate? I think it is a coolant line, do I need to drain the coolant so I don't spew cooolant?

@beezer - I will confirm petcock fuel flow. You are saying if it pops and runs, the air flow through the carb is the problem? Clear air path? I have never changes the doohickey. I understood that 2nd gen KLR's aren't succeptible to this problem and the doohickey fix isn't a common fix needed?

Thanks for the help guys, really wanting to get her running again!
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