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Originally Posted by 8baller View Post
kind of new to this and after much research have decided a DRZ is what i want...looked at a few different options from KTM Husky DRZ XR DR etc etc and have made up my mind this bike is about the one that suits me best...
i know they have been out for a while and i cant see myself buying a new i was wondering ..did they change them at all besides colors and graphics through the years?...or are there differences...if so what would be good years to look at?..and what would be good to look at when buying a used one?...thanks in advance..just dont want to buy something and be told later i would have been better off looking for this year or that year because of some performance issue or whatnot..

oh yeah..i want the S model...maybe an SM i could put some dirt wheels on
I converted my SM to offroad and it's been great. Not sure about the fork comments...the fork is set up for road work but when set up for offroad is fantastic. I prefer it to the old school S fork personally. If there is a problem it's the larger front rotor. I put Warp 9 wheels on my SM and they are ok. Just ok. (I have to re-true the wheels occasionally and the rotor is a bit warped) Throw on a bash plate and a gps (or vapor) for a speedo and you're set. But only get an SM if you plan to use it as a road bike as well otherwise just get an S.

Here's mine from a trip a few weeks ago. I forgot to put on the bash plate before I left.
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