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I got what I'm hoping will be the last required package from BMW Hucky yesterday. In it were some shiny stainless spokes. I found myself with a free hour this morning, so I figured I'd try lacing the rims up. Last time I did this was on my KTM 550 project, and for whatever reason, I found it really frustrating. If I remember correctly, there seemed to be more than one lacing pattern possible with the KTM rims, and after I had nearly completed one, I figured out that I had done it wrong.

The BMW, on the other hand, was cake. There was no question - this spoke goes in this hole on the rim, period. It was almost like my 3 year old daughter's "square peg in the square hole" puzzle games, and half an hour later I had loosely laced both wheels. Now that I know how easy this was, it makes me furious that THIS is the step that tripped me up since May! Oh well, time to move forward, not gripe about what I should've done in the past.

I'll still take the wheels to a shop to be trued, and while they're there, I'll focus on rebuilding the forks and getting the frame ready to be a true roller again. Then onto the finishing touches and buttoning up of the engine. I'm hoping things go much more quickly now....



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