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Day 11 Cide to Goreme, Turkey

We were heading to Goreme today, Al had seen some pictures of the ghost chimneys and made it one of his must see's on the trip.

The view from Al's tent this morning

As we were coming down the steep rocky track that had been so easy to scale last night I must have touched the front brake as the front end tucked up underneath me and threw me over the handlebars. I smashed the screen off and whacked my left leg against a rock.


Al helped me lift the bike upright and I managed to get back to the road with no further issues. My leg was a bit sore but as usual the pain had knocked my confidence. I could not forget about falling and for the next few hours I rode like a complete novice, I was wobbling around corners and not looking where I was meant to be looking so I started cutting corners and drifting. It did not help that it started to piss down with rain and when the shiny surface gets wet it also gets slippery.

If I had a low point on the trip then this would have been it.

Another Kebab and the best one yet.

The roads were still good and the scenery was spectacular. I tried to take a few pictures but they donít give any sense or feeling of what we were actually seeing. This part of the trip really reminded me of Nevada or northern Arizona, gorgeous mountain roads with amazing valleys and peaks. I just wish the rain would bugger off.

We eventually did speed up and I started to get some confidence back. These roads seemed to be less travelled than the coast roads and had a covering of fixed gravel on top. This was a lot grippier than the shiny surface.

We covered about 350 miles today and got to Goreme for about 4pm. We went straight to Dilek Campsite which is in the town centre with hot showers, a swimming pool, WiFi and seemed nice and quiet.

Dilek Campsite

The View from the tent

Looking over the bikes, we realised they needed some serious maintenance and set aside a few hours in the morning to give them the TLC they deserved.

Then it was out for a wander around the town and another kebab or 2.
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