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Originally Posted by wiseanhyzer View Post
Maybe if LSU upsets Alabama and we wind up with the first NC game without an SEC team in 7 years some others will come by and comment.
That could happen.

I'm still hoping that Alabama & Florida win out while everyone else takes a loss. Bama-Florida MNC game would drive everyone least it's not a rematch.

Florida IS not the second best team in the country this year. IMHO they are probably a top 10 team at best (comparable with Georgia and USCe) BUT with their current rankings and general Florida love by voters and computers, I could see it happening.

.....If the 'cats, ducks and Irish lose that is. Going undefeated is still very difficult.....

If Ole Miss somehow pulls off the upset this weekend though, Florida can receive their stomping a month early in Atlanta instead of Miami
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