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Playing around.

Took this whole mess of junk,
which was bolted on under the right side cover

And the damn thing just slides under the tank and sits on the rails!

I don't know if this is how it'll be,
but it sure is kinda neat how well it slid right in there and fits.


Finished up the brackets for my FZR rearsets

I just need some longer allthread and the shifter should be good to go.

I really need help brainstorming for the brake side.
Somehow have to get the stick lined up with the master cylinder.

I thought about mounting the MC on the outside,
but it sticks out crazy far.
I feel like I might have to move it, but I'm not sure exactly.

*if anyone has pics to share of disc brake RD rearsets, I'd love to see some close ups!!!
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