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The lake that was tranquil/peaceful during the day was absolutely stunning (and spooky) at night--a perfect place to film a horror flick, complete with abandoned/creepy houses, sharp farm-instruments and the kind of still water that doesn't need an overactive imagination to project the image of Jason in a hockey mask slowly rising from the water with a 10" chef's knife.

(Always pays to be vigilant):

In addition to the spooky visuals, audible activity in the wooded areas reminded me I was not the only creature to be creeping around. Some of the sounds echoed from across the lake, others were quite close. While shooting the first few frames (timed exposures) wolves began howling in the distance. No shit: wolves. I knew there were bears and deer, but wolves were a surprise. The first couple times I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Then I heard more. No big deal, wolves love me (ha). And then screams started in the distance. More mind tricks? Nope--more screams and more screams. And more howling. And some other weird noises I couldn't identify. It went on and on the whole time I was out there. I continued to shoot pictures despite the distraction, letting my mind wander ahead a few days, when Mulder and Skully arrive (this is VA, after all) to find a trail of blood, torn bits of clothing and my camera with one final picture....

Minus the horror-show sounds, this was the scene:

While walking back a new sound echoed over the hills (the sound of a UFO tractor beam?). Then it hit me: Halloween! All the crazy sounds were coming from some sort of spookhouse out in the distance. LMAO.
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