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Talking I want one too!!!

Why 700-800cc? Just because the other manufacturers have this engine displacement? I would be extremely happy with an engine with similar figures to the er6n or the Honda nc700 smaller size less weight less fuel consumption smaller cooling smaller exhaust smaller govco fees/insurances etc.

They easily punt out 70HP that has to be enough for everything if a 40HP dr650 is adequate for most adventures.
They can be dead reliable just look at all the cb500-s and Deauvilles all the London couriers are/were using.

If you got less weight u need smaller brakes less oil less wear and tear etc. so price and ownership costs are down too. It adds up... It would never happen, but it would be nice perfect for commuting, weekends, just going somewhere...

Like a 650cc 70 degree parallel twin Husaberg unique nimble a final for KTM to kill off that superb engine...

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