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Need extra space for spares/tools on the 950?

Not wanting to fill up my luggage with tools and spares, I have been looking to fit all spares and tools on the bike. Things like spare tubes in the front fairing, air compressor without housing etc...

When a new cpmputer was delivered to the office with some very nice closed cell foam, I finally had what I needed to use that spare 20mm space under the seat.

In my case I have managed to fit 8/10/12/14mm spanners, original pliers, folding 'T' handle ratchet screwdriver, pocket knife & a pair of 32/22mm combination tire lever/spanners...

When the seat is fitted, it sits flat and secure across the top and holds everything in place, even on my frequent plants in the dirt nothing has moved.

TIP: Used close cell foam as it will absorb less water when it rains or when washing the bike. The MK1 was open cell foam and a pain in the ass to dry out each time.

In the original tool box I can now fit the balance of the original toolkit, binding wire, several 0.5ml capsules of loctite, mini WD40 can & refillable can of chain lube**, 12v compressor sans housing and guage, tire repair kit, epoxy putty, selection of nuts, screws, washers, fuses etc, tire guage, electrical wire, duct & insulating tapes, needle nose locking pliers, spare s/plug, cable ties and other stuff that I can't remember...

I have also got three, 3 way 'Y' handled sockets with 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,19 tied to the frame behind the airbox where the excess plumbing used to live, I figure I should not need these often so they are tied with wire to keep them secure (I figure cable ties would probably melt from exhaust heat.

Anyone found any other useful p[laces on the 950 to hide stuff?

**I made up two robust caps from Delrin (hard plastic) off cuts as I had already had one can empty itself into the toolbox after the original cap collapsed, these can be seen as the 2 white round things at forefront of picture.
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