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Day 12 Goreme, Turkey

I was up early this morning, not because of the need to go sightseeing or because I wanted to get on with the bike maintenance but because a twatting dog was barking next to my head at 5 o clock! I think it would have been an early start anyway as there was a few hot air balloons overhead.

Al wanted to go off roading on some of the tracks around the town today but my knee was giving me pains similar to someone sticking a sharp pencil in the back of my leg so standing on the pegs of a bike was not going to be possible for me. He was a bit unhappy with me I think but I was more gutted as he was.

We decided on a Turkish breakfast in a local restaurant which consisted of ham, cheese, fresh bread, jelly and an omelette. Very nice. Yet again a random waiter came over and spoke with us for 20 minutes about Goreme. His name was Adnan; he was Iranian and had been exiled from his country. He spoke great English and it turned out he had been in Manchester for a couple of years studying Interior Design but when money became a bit tight he came back to his family in Turkey in the hope they could save enough money in a few years to emigrate to Australia. He gave us a few local knowledge tips about what to see and do and left us to enjoy the food.

We went back to the campsite to start sorting the bikes out, clean the tar off, and check all the fluids. I had to tighten the back brake up and try and sort some wind protection because of the missing screen.

The missing screen

Al was removing the fuel tank to tighten the headbolts that had been removed to fix his oil leak. Maintenance done we locked our kit away, dressed light and headed out on the bikes to see what we could find.

First stop was Kale Girisi which is locally known as a castle, but having been born and bred right next to Caerphilly Castle in Wales I fail to see how this tiny monument warrants that title. See if you can see my issue, one of these photos is taken from my bedroom window in Wales the other is Kiri Castle.

It was pretty impressive mind, even if the scale was a little smaller than I think a castle should be. We walked to the top of the ramparts and could see this was the highest point around and therefore gave some spectacular views.

The view from the top

We did talk some bloke into taking a picture of us right on the top next to the flag and for some reason his girlfriend wanted to get in the photo with us.

From there we rode down to a viewing point overlooking the chimneys, There was loads of tourists with several bus tours arriving the same time as we did. I don’t suppose I should complain about this though as those that came from Istanbul would have sat on a bus for up to 10 hours to see what we were visiting. We sat for about half hour watching the large parties of people and drinking a cold can of coke and noticed not one of them spent any money in the local stalls, not even to buy a drink.

Just a small selection of the views

Al's afternoon was taken up off roading around some of the tracks that local companies take quad bike tours. He came back with a big grin on his face. I had been bored lying by the pool getting some sun with a cold bottle of Efes lager, so was particularly annoyed when he told me had fallen off. You see Al does not fall off very much so when he does it is usually a big one. He even forgot to take a photo for the ride report. I should say Al did get fully kitted up for his off roading, he just never took any photos

After a nasty experience in Morocco Al feels the need to be physically abused by hairy men. Some of you may have heard it called a Hamam. It is an activity where you get naked with another bloke in a steam room and they batter shit out of you with big sticks……. Or that’s what it looks like in my brain anyway. Al was determined to get me in there and had been working on me for days trying to persuade me. The only way I was going in was if he found me a nice blonde female masochist called Kristina who just happened to work in a Hamam in Goreme. It was never going to happen, so Al left me in a pub while he went off to be violated by the local pain giver. I have to say he looked quite relaxed when he returned but so was I, I had drunk 4 bottles of Efes for half the price of his massage.

The view from my pub

We had both OD’d on Kebab since getting to Turkey so I had the chicken pizza and Al went for some Turkish stew on a sizzling platter, why is it whenever you got out for food, whoever you are with gets a much nicer looking plate of food than you.

We went back to the campsite for an early night as we wanted to make a quick getaway in the morning. However there were 2 tents pitched so close to Alan's tent that the material was touching. Andreas, Paul and his girlfriend whose name escapes me had been to a 3 day rave at Lake Van and were in town to support their mate, who was a DJ and playing at Bar-Bera, a local club. They did invite us to join them but as we wanted to leave early kindly declined and sloped off for some kip. If I had realised what was to come I would have gone partying til the early hours.
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