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Buy a Buff. Like everyone says. It is an item you'll learn to love year round. They make various ones, but the original is fine for probably 75-80% of the weather you encounter.

It is like a multitool of headwear. I usually keep mine around my neck, even in the summer. Keeps the wind and bugs off you. You can also wear it around just your mouth, or just around your ears, or around both your mouth and ears.

I have a couple, I have one I got from the beemer dealership, one that is black, and one that is fish patterned, I wash them and keep put them on when I go riding, just as I would socks.

I also have one that is half of the Buff moisture wicking material / half fleece. The fleece part keeps your neck warm while the micro fiber keeps the wind off your skin and wicks the moisture off so you don't get clammy.

I'm interested in getting the wool one too.
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