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Originally Posted by Bonerov View Post
I've been going nuts for months trying to find a good GPS solution for my needs. I am currently at about 90% street and 10% dirt, but have been moving more and more towards the dirt exploration end of the spectrum lately. After much deliberation, I ordered the Montana 600 today from GPS City. I didn't order any maps, as I'm hoping to be able to find some free online maps. Worst case, I end up braking down later and ordering the Western US DVD. I'm still in shock that I spent that much on a GPS, but I'm VERY excited to get it in my hot little hand and start messing with it. Thank you all, in advance, for your patience with my inevitable stupid questions.

Excellent choice! I am certain you will be quite pleased with it! (once you figure it out...)

And remember, there are no stupid questions.... Only stupid answers :)
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